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The Sliver Club By Laws


Since 1912

The name of the club shall be The Sliver Club.

The purpose of the Club is to play the game of golf, hold tournaments from time to time, and further social relationships between our members.

The officers of this association shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Club and shall be as follows:

   President:  Shall preside at all meetings and be, ex-officio, a member of all committees.

   Secretary:  Shall arrange meets, distribute handicap cards and membership lists, write reports of all meets,  and distribute same  to the membership, determine winners of sweepstakes and prize slips, informing the treasurer of such winners, and arrange for the annual dinner, except for the trophies.

   Treasurer:  Shall collect dues and send receipts, collect lunch fees and pay same at all meets, collect sweepstakes, distribute sweepstakes and prize slips, buy prizes and have prizes engraved.

   Executive Committee of Three:  Shall have general charge of all tournaments, decide all contest points, and pass on all applications for membership.

The date of the annual meeting of the Club shall be determined by the Executive Committee.  The fiscal year of the Club shall be from April 1st to March 31st

  Regular Members

The annual dues for Regular Members of The Sliver Club shall be $100.00 or such a sum as shall be determined by the members at the annual meeting, if not decided at that time, the dues shall be for the same amount as the preceding year.  ( Annual dues will include the cost of the Spring and Fall banquet).

Any candidate to be eligible for membership must be actively engaged in, or associated with, the building materials business, must be one of the officers of a corporation or individual owner or partner in a wholesale or retail lumber or building materials business or associated therein, and must be acceptable to the Executive Committee Also, a limit of twenty guest members who qualify, and have an affiliation with the industry.  The acceptance of new active members is provisional and probationary for a period of one year from date of notification.  Probationary members will enjoy full privileges, but sub-standard attendance will preclude advancement to permanent status.

Membership in The Sliver Club is limited to seventy-five active members.

Regular attendance at tournaments is considered most important.  All regular and guest members must attend a minimum of three meets per year.  At the discretion of the Executive Committee, any member failing to do so shall be dropped from membership unless traveling or sickness prevents his attendance.

Associated Members

Appointed to Associate Member shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee, but the basic qualification shall be at least ten year's tenure as a member in good standing.

Attendance requirements incumbent on active members shall not apply to Associate MembersGuests of members are welcome at all meets unless such meet specifically excludes guests because of tournament play or for other reasons.  However, the invitation to any one guest by all members, will be limited to two meets in one season.

Prizes:  Not more than two first prizes and two second prizes and two third prizes can be won by any member during the year.  After a member wins a first prize his handicap shall be automatically be reduced one stroke.  The restoring of handicaps shall be left to the discretion of the Secretary.

Yearly Prizes: To be eligible for yearly prizes, members must play in at least four if six or seven tournaments are played; must play in at least five if eight or more tournaments are played.

No member may win more than one meet trophy in any one year.  In the event of ties, the member with the lower handicap shall be declared the winner.  In the event of a tie between members with the same handicap, a coin toss will determine the winner.

Individual Meet Prizes:  These prizes shall be in number and value as decided by the  Executive Committee.

No more than three members per firm.

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