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About The Sliver Club

The Sliver Club  was formed on Friday, April 12th 1912, when the following lumbermen, all but one of whom were either in the wholesale or retail branch of the lumber industry, met at the Boston City Club.

Harry Baker, Arthur Logan, Will S. Fuller, Leo F. McAleer, A.T.E. Hale, Howard C. Morse, Irving Hall, Carlyle Patterson, Joseph Kennedy, Charles S. Nauss, Fred Kingsley, Harry C. Philbrick, Frank Lawrence, Harry Wiggin

The following officers were first elected in 1912

        President- Frank Witherbee

        Secretary / Treasurer-  Howard C. Morse

        Executive Committee- Harry C. Philbrick

The father of The Sliver Club was Frank B. Witherbee.  He was also one of the founders of The Lumber Trade Golf Association in 1906, the first lumber trade golf association formed in the East and one of the first, if not the first, trade golf association in the United States.  The Western Golf Association was founded a short time after in same year, 1906

At that time, there were quite a number of suggestions for a name:  Splinter, Knot Hole and many others but Sliver was finally adopted.

To be eligible for a membership in The Sliver Club, one was supposed to be in the lumber business, or affiliated with lumber and it was the purpose to devote one day each month to golf at some Boston, or nearby club, beginning in April or May and extending through October and possibly November.

The first tournament was held on May 7,  at the Wollaston Golf Club.

The Sliver Club was formed, not only for the purpose of playing golf, but to form a closer fellowship and better feeling between the different branches of the lumber trade.  I know of no single one thing that has done so much to foster those feelings and it is hoped that, with this meager background, the members of The Sliver Club will foster and perpetuate the ideals of its founders and, at the same time,  enjoy the pleasure of meeting its members regularly and compete in the most wholesome, uplifting and exhilarating game for both old and young - the game of golf.

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