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One of the First, Now 100+ Years Old

    On Friday, April 12, 1912 a group of lumber people headed by Frank Witherbee met at the Boston City Club to initiate the formation of The Sliver Club. This group of wholesale, and retail, business people were interested in promoting not only the game of golf, but more importantly to form a closer fellowship and better feeling between the branches of the lumber trade.

    This group of lumber people included Harry Baker, William S. Fuller, A.T.E. Hale, Joseph Kennedy, Fred Kingsley, Frank Lawrence, Arthur Logan, Leo F. McAleer, Howard G. Morse, Charles S. Nauss, Harry C. Philbrick, Harry Wiggins, and Frank Witherbee who was named President this first year.

    Records indicate that The Sliver Club was the first lumber trade golf association formed in the east and one of the first, if not the first, trade golf association in the United States. The first tournament was held at (the original) Wollaston Golf Club in Quincy Ma.

    100 years of history has provided Sliver Club members and guests alike many fond memories at some of New England's most prestigious golf courses. But most memorable are the experiences and friendships that are initiated and fostered as a result of common interests in the lumber business as well as the game of golf. Years provide a buffer to remembering the bad shots and high scores, but the friendships that evolve from Sliver Club experiences remain for a lifetime.

    Some of the outstanding leaders of our beloved industry can be tracked to Sliver Club trophies that are named after them such as Walter Webb, James H. Goodwin, John Colliton, Louis A. Lemieux, John A. McGill, Thomas J. Mullen, William H. Balsor, and Arthur Nurse. A glimpse of meet winners over just the last three decades provides us with a list of some of the "great guys" of this industry such as Red Doyle, Ben Tedesco, Jim Halpin, Dick Gladu, Ed & Howie Smith, Bruno Mortarelli, Billy Lynch, and the Lochead brothers to name a few.

    The Sliver Club tradition continues today with membership extended to industry retail, wholesale, manufacturers, and affiliated businesses. Golfing venues are located all over New England as is the membership. Our 2011 Sliver Club President is Brad Benson and Vice President is Eric Schold

    Although the lumber industry has seen some dramatic changes in the last 2-3 generations it is not unlike what many other industries have experienced over the same time period. In today's generation of 4G cell phones, emails, twitters, Facebook, instant everything, it is remains a simple pleasure to spend 4 hours out on a golf course with a fellow lumber person. I guess much like it was 100 years ago.

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